Build APIs and integrations to process, serve, and sync your data

The most open integration platform to date

Hundreds of Integrations

DataFire provides over 1000 integrations, with more added every month. Integrations are driven by open standards like RSS, Open API, and RAML, so you can add your own too.

Code or Click

Non-coders can use DataFire's point-and-click interface to build and edit projects, while coders can dive into the JavaScript and incorporate npm modules to accomplish more complex tasks.

Open Source

The DataFire framework is open source, so there's no risk of getting locked in. You can download and run your projects anywhere.

SaaS or On Premise can be hosted on-prem, so your data never leaves your walls. You can also white-label the website to create an app store for your API or power workflow management tools. Learn more

Infinitely Scalable

Production deployments scale automatically with demand, so you don't need to worry about scaling up or down. Just click 'Deploy' and relax!

Pay as you Go


Projects can be deployed for free on your own hardware, or on for $0.001 per GB-second of computation. Learn more on the pricing page

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