DataFire Pricing

Building and testing projects on is free. Deploying projects on your own hardware with the MIT-licensed open source framework is also free. Charges are only incurred when you create a production deployment on *

Production deployments are billed based on usage, measured in Gigabyte-seconds. This measures a combination of how much memory your deployment uses, how many times it gets invoked, and how long each invocation takes to run. Every user gets 100 GB-seconds for free each month - this is about enough to run a single task every hour. After that, it's $0.001 per GB-second.

Get more for free

Add a link back to on your project's webpage or README and we'll give you an additional 200 GB-seconds each month.Just send us a link to your project and we'll boost your monthly allowance.

Power User? Get a Discount.

If your project uses more than 50,000 GB-seconds per month, contact us to discuss discounted pricing.

Sample Costs

For example, let's say we have a deployment that runs a single task every minute. This deployment uses 512 MB of memory, and the task takes 300 ms to run on average. Then we have:

.3 seconds/invocation * 43,200 invocations/month * .5 GB = 6,480 GB-seconds

(6,480 GB-seconds - 100 free GB-seconds) * $0.001 = $6.38/month

The examples below use similar numbers - they assume a Small (512 MB) deployment, where each action takes 300 ms to run.

1 taskrunning every hour$0.00/month
10 tasksrunning every hour$0.98/month
1 taskrunning every minute$6.38/month
10 tasksrunning every minute$64.70/month

Deployment Sizes

Small512 MBlow$0.001/GB-second
Medium1024 MBmedium$0.001/GB-second
Large2048 MBhigh$0.001/GB-second